Where to pin your bib number

This year your bib number has your lunch ticket and swag giveaway ticket on it. For visibility to the course spotters, please attach your bib number sheet as shown below:

Jersey showing location
Pin the sheet on the back of the jersey, on the left side. This way the course spotters will more easily identify you. The helmet number can be put on the front of your helmet to better identify you.

Here’s how to put your timing chip on the bike

We’re continuing to use a system used by a lot of big races around the country. You’ll still get a paper bib number and it goes on the left side of the back of your jersey. Your timing chip is contained in a peel-off strip that is at the top of the printed sheet you will receive at packet pickup. Carefully peel the long strip off the backing, taking care not to crimp or crease the chip. Then starting at the mid point, wrap it around the seat post of your bike. Then stick the two sides together evenly. The adhesive is strong, so if you have a special coating on your seat post, you might want to put masking tape around the post, and then put the chip piece on.

In the lower right of the sheet is a helmet sticker for the front of your helmet. The other stickers are just extra. There are two perforated tags at the bottom. The one on the left is for your lunch. The tag on the right is for the free swag raffle, which will be going on after the rides come in. Put that tag in the entry box at the north end of the Pavilion. You might just win something! Enjoy your time at Tour de Gap!

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