Helpful hints and COVID-19 info

ALSO: here’s a FAQ page for all riders to review before heading to the Tour. Whether you’re an old pro or new to riding in events, it’s good to check these things out. (Click image below to download/open):

Note: We have updated this page for 2021 as more relaxed protocols are available. The information below is still subject to change. Stay healthy and please get your shot if you haven’t already!

Check how you’re feeling
Before packet pick-up and heading to Buffalo Gap, do a self-check: How do you feel? Any temperature? If you or anyone in your household is not feeling up to par, best to stay home. If you begin feeling bad after you get to the venue, check in with the volunteers at the medical pop-up tent, which is located across the street and a little west of the starting line.

Masks, distancing and spectators
Masks are not required for riders in Tour de Gap. They are advisable whenever you are under the pavilion or in close proximity to others in the registration area if you have not been vaccinated.

Packet Pick-up
Friday, July 23rd, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Biketown, 1789 Industrial Blvd., 79602. New registrations will be available Friday, but keep in mind the discounted registration ends Thursday night.

Rest Stops
If you want ice in your bottle, take the top off and hold it for the volunteer, who will pour ice in the bottle with a scoop.

SAG Vehicles and Pick-Up
SAG Vehicles are available to assist with incidents and mechanical issues.

After the ride
We’ll have drawings from the participants’ names/numbers they turn in before starting the ride. Each distance will have its own swag raffle. For the timing, see the Schedule page.

Lunch after the ride
We’ll again include the fabulous BBQ sandwiches from The Shed for all riders. Your ticket will be a tear-off portion of your bike number. Extra lunch tickets are available for purchase when you register online or at the registration table Saturday morning.

When you arrive on Saturday July 24th at Buffalo Gap
Settlers’ Reunion Grounds, east of the Elementary School, there is plenty of parking further to the east from FM 89. Packet pick-up is in the pavilion near the starting line. Find a nice spot to get ready and put your number on your bike.

Saturday Starting Line info
We will return to the group start this year. Look for your start time on the Schedule page. We use a single start time so everyone riding your distance gets the same time. Faster riders will gather toward the front.

When you arrive for the Steamboat Time Trial Challenge on Sunday July 25th at Main Street Station
Location for your GPS: 733 Main St, Buffalo Gap, TX 79508. Intersection of Litel St. (FM 613) at Main Street, at the south end of Buffalo Gap, after you pass the turnoff to Abilene State Park. Complimentary brunch inside. Awards ceremony to follow the Time Trial conclusion outside in the back yard.

All information provided on is for informational purposes only. Consult your local medical authority for health advice.

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