Showers at 2 locations this year

Two convenient places are available this year for showers after the ride:

Buffalo Gap Presbyterian Camp is located right down Cherry Street across from the Buffalo Gap City Hall. It’s about a quarter mile from the finish line. When you enter the main entrance, look for the Bath House, where there are 6 clean showers for each gender. You can leave a donation if you wish, but it’s not required. For your GPS, here’s the location: 700 Litel St, Buffalo Gap, TX 79508, USA

We’re also thankful to our friends at the Abilene State Park and Texas Parks & Wildlife for allowing riders in for showers again. Show your bib number to the staffer at the gate, tell them you’re there for a shower, and the daily access fee will be waived. The State Park is a beautiful place just down the road about 4 miles. It was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps and is renowned for its architecture and nature trails.

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